Dying to progress.

Winter having just officially begun in the last few weeks is a reminder of dread. Effectively trying to combat freezing temperatures and short days. Motivation and progress halted by frozen winds. 2016 Brought a lot of excitement as well as some major set backs.  Typically the ones that result in part outs or giving up. After finishing the s13 and making decent power on the RB25 only to crack a ringland on cylinder one and a turbo starting to puff smoke means that what was finally a finished setup is back to square one. Needing a new motor and a freshly rebuilt turbo. And on the Miata. Having been put into a wall going home on the highway and ever since, chasing bent and broken parts trying to get it back driving the way it used to. Now stripped down paint, cut up fenders, and some weird noises.

But this time I’ve learned to push on instead of getting lost. I’ve wheeled the engine parts of an RB in to my room. Tucking a head and crank underneath my couch. Sourcing an engine stand to get to work on the bottom end as it sits next to my desk. This winter I’ll progress. The parts of the top end also sits next to a box packed full of suspension and brake upgrades for the Miata. Waiting on one last bit to arrive before finding a warm garage to start on a complete overhaul. Custom knuckles, strengthened and longer tie rod setup, steel braided lines, hydro brake setup, a list of bushings, new rotors, spindles, and a bucket seat patiently waiting.

Both will return instead of failing and neglected. Come back better and improved. There is a lot of work ahead but it doesn’t matter. This is what it’s all about. It’s not always at the timeline you hope for or expect. It’s never in the budget and rarely without complication. That’s  no reason to stop or give up. All I know is I’ll build a motor 3 feet away from where I sleep and my Miata will have more angle than a car that probably makes 80 whp should have. That will just be the beginning of countless hours spent wrenching, diagnosing, and fixing two cars that keep me just on the other side of sane.


I took this set of picture just shortly after coming back from Michigan. Having finished the S13 to drive 14 hours to run at No Star Bash only to blow it up and have no choice but to drive it back home on 5 cylinders. I got a glimpse of how I wanted this car to perform for so long. It wasn’t perfect but it felt fast and the seemed setup so right. Nearly every bit of the chassis has been touched and gone over and the weak link was the motor. It went, and now it’s a good excuse to put back together a motor that can keep up with the rest of the car.

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It’s broken now but I’ll improve it and fix it.

atkjordan16 atkjordan15

The Miata has been stripped down from this state and is barely recognizable from what it used to be. To complete body work, add new aero, new wheels, color change, and soon after a new livery. It’s ambitious but I can’t do it any other way. I don’t know how.

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Bad Vibe has fallen.

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I can’t wait to produce in real life what’s been stirring in my mind for so long. So here’s to a new year and months filled with progress instead of staying frozen and dormant. From here on I’ll try to post import updates as long as they seem interesting or helpful. List of parts I’ve used and why I used them, along with reviews and recommendations. I’ve been slacking on this but I’m going to work to keep this near the top of priotires. I enjoy writing and I enjoying taking photos.


See you soon.


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