Defeat and Clubloose 2: Pittrace July 30th 2017.

It’s been over a year since photographing and writing a post here. Mostly because I wanted an inspirational comeback. Something rad to show you. Proving I bounced back from a blown motor in the 240 and a beaten Miata from an accident that left suspension parts bent and feeling 20% of itself, but that’s not going to happen.  Instead a year later and thousands of dollars spent, I am that much closer to being defeated. The s13 returned to running earlier this year with a freshly rebuilt RB25 which from the start was giving me issues that would 3 events later turn into near catastrophic failure. What I assumed was a blown turbo was not only that but a series of cooked pistons and rings. which brings on the dilemma. What now? Do I look at the passed few years of wasting money and decide to give it one more go? Knowing this time around it’s going to be another hefty list of expensive parts that I assumed I would never have to see. Or is it time to throw in the towel and switch drivetrains or even move to a different chassis? My brain is a little cooked to make a good choice today.

Pittrace skid pad though? Someone cut down all the damn trees and that meant there was little to no escape from the sun. In the car felt like a microwave. Outside felt like maybe the sun had ascended on Earth. For some reason no matter the time of the day there was no shadows that were cast to hide in. The track itself I was told was a slightly modified layout which I thought was incredibly fun. Most notably a large open right handed turn that ended into a tight left hand around a barrel and back out to another open right. My best run in my opinion was when I managed to go from second to first right into the transition of the left turn. For a second it made me feel like maybe I was a skilled driver and not just someone with an overpowered drift car with too much angle. This coupled with learning how to not limiter bash the RB to avoid overheating issues gave me slight hope in the possibility I could learn new things. The lines where long portions of the day but everyone handled themselves surprisingly well.  There wasn’t anyone telling you when you needed to go and if someone spun out a few too many times they seemed to evacuate the track promptly.  I love the coned off events. It’s carefree and fun, giving you a lot room for experimenting.

But the best part was, getting so spend time with my friends and the chance to make some new ones. It made the near four our drive one way, 28 dollars in tolls each way, smelly blown up drive home, and being baked in the sun for a few hours worth it.

Danny’s 1st gen Rx7. Always on the best combinations of wheels and looking gorgeous. Still 12a powered and ripping.

Texting His mom to let her know he’s going to be home late.

An important meeting, probably about nothing.

Upset Mathew despite being given the keys to an R32 Skyline.

But who can blame him when he’s driving a bitching S14 like this.

Like just look at it.

Camry maxing out the rear struts.

Abbi & Alan waiting for the next ride along and turn each other into hot dogs.

Nick in the IS300 mid conversation.

Tire smoke or burning oil? 50/50 mixture.

Tomas showed up with a much better running RB25 and way better style.

One handed metal drifting

V8 Powered chop top, chop front, chop bed, chop doors, chop… probably everything following an s13

Screaming ITBs. Watching this Camaro move through the course with violence.

This E30 produced the most smoke in all the right places.


It had flame throwers on both sides of the exhaust.

1UZFE Powered.

I’ll be back soon. In something, working on something, going somewhere.


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