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May container packed and arrives mid April.

Now packing Summer container!

Best serving the East Coast! Read below before requesting.

The process:

If you have tried to find and purchase parts from Japan you know there are limits and large cost of doing business. Problems such as translating into English. Even using a translator, key details such as condition and what’s included tend to be lost. Then finding what you want only to realize the cost of shipping involved makes whatever you were looking at not worth it no matter how rare it was. When you’re looking at a bumper coming to the states for 450+ in shipping alone or a set of 18s & 19s at 500+ in shipping. Or not even finding what you want or beginning to know where to look. These are just a few of the issues we hope to resolve for you.

Through your request we can help you find  and answer any questions you may have about the items you’re searching for. There are plenty of ways to search on your own and among the top choices of sites to use there is and Yahoo Japan Auctions. Other items can be bought from specific shops and sellers not on either of those sites. A detailed request is much better than a general request as well as a budget also helps narrow the search criteria greatly.

Once the item you want is found then we can give you an estimate on cost. From there we can win the auction or have the part purchased. Once it arrives you can decide on method of shipping. If you would like to wait and have it come over on the container or shipped directly to you. Container shipping is scheduled twice a year. A fall container and a spring container. For an extra cost in shipping you can have parts shipped directly to your home via EMS or DHL.

Container Schedule:


Summer 2017 container:

LATE! Arriving September 15th. Then unpacking 4 or 5 days later!

Fall 2017 container:

END ordering In October and arrive for end of November!

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